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  OMR Software for Surveys and Exams
With FormCliQ™/Survey you can easily define a variety of forms (like surveys, exams, and others) and then scan the filled forms and export their data to Excel file format.

To define a new custom form type you need to have an empty form, scan it with FormCliQ, and define easily regions on the form that should be captured. See our demos to understand the entire procedure.

With FormCliQ/Survey you can:
Scan, archive and retrieve documents in 25 languages
Scan and process surveys, tests and other forms into Excel documents

FormCliQ/Survey reads the following data from your custom forms:
Sample Form

Bubbles and tick boxes
Barcode (around 20 types of barcode including 1D and 2D barcodes)
One machine printed field

See it for yourself! Download FormCliQ for your free, no obligation, 30-day evaluation. Support is provided before and after your purchase. To try FormCliQ, click here. To purchase FormCliQ, click here.

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